Is Alejandro De Aza the worst person/player of all time?

De aza

Well the answer to this question for most people who have basic motor skills is yes. This man is having one of the worst seasons that I have seen to date and the fact that De Aza is still on this team makes me even more pissed. The Mets decided they didn’t want to win the game last night when they let this piece of human trash pinch hit in the top of the ninth. He then proceeds to strikeout looking and then bitch to the umpire. If i was that ump i would have simply told him that it didn’t matter where the ball was you weren’t hitting it anyway. This man is just a prime example of why its tough being a met fan. The mets are so damn cheap that they refuse to get rid of this man because of his 5.75 million dollar salary. I would do dirty things for 5.75 million dollars and this man just sits on his lazy ass bats .167 and is 4 for his last 42 and is still somehow on this ball club. He can literally suck the momentum and hope out of any baseball game, he is like a power vacuum made to disappoint baseball fans. He even let me down and when he pinch hit in a game i went to and hit a home run just to spite me and give people a reason to say “hey he’s not that bad.”

This is all pretty shocking considering this man prior to this year was a .260 lifetime hitter but i guess over this past off season he must have done something horrible to someone in order to receive this punishment of one of the worst seasons in the history of mankind. All i’m saying is if I was in a room with De Aza, Hitler, and Bin Laden and i had two bullets I would shoot Hitler and Bin Laden (obviously) but after i would throw the gun as hard as I could at De Aza in hopes that he would no longer be in a met uniform after. Overall, De Aza should not be on this roster nor any other roster in the MLB. When Conforto gets brought back up if this man stays on the team over someone like Nimmo i will be writing another article about this horrid man and believe me it wont be as pleasant and Terry Collins will feel my rath.

De aza 2