Why Thursday Night Football Needs to Go

This past Thursday the New York Jets paid Bills Mafia of Buffalo a visit for what was the first Thursday Night Football game of the year, as well as the introduction to the “new and improved” 2016 Color Rush Uniforms

The Jets & Bills played a real barn burner back and forth affair, which ended in a 37-31 victory in favor of Fitzmagic’s Jets. The real story here is why does the NFL still think Thursday Night Football is a good idea. Once a week football fans have no choice but to melt into their couch with a bag of UTZ and a beer and watch a classic Jaguars V Titans game that no one cares about but has no choice but to watch. Why? Because it’s Football.

To make matters worse the NFL decided to make color blinded people feel even shittier about themselves last year by introducing color rush uniforms and God almighty were they ugly… 

It just made Thursday Night Football even more of an eyesore. The Jags look like they decided to take the pigment out of shit from a baby diaper and use it as their uniform.

As for 2016, the Color Rush uniforms improved (barely) but the games will still absolutely suck. Fuck you Goodell.

Here are the 2016 Color Rush Uniforms: