Sasha Vujacic Should Be Removed from America Permanently. 

Why Phil… Why must you bring back this slouch and put shame to the Knicks once again. You could’ve spent that money on two tons of dog shit because that’s what Sasha Vujacic is equivalent to. My hatred for him is neck and neck with that slapdick De Aza. 

Vujacic should be shipped back to his worthless homeland of Slovenia to do absolutely anything other than play basketball. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to step foot on hardwood floors again, let alone the prestigious court of Madison Square Garden. I know he will be making the league minimum, and I know we could use a guard, but give me a break for crying out loud this guy is on every Knicks fans shitlist. If there was one player in the entire league that brings nothing positive to the table it’s Sasha Vujacic. No matter which way you cut it, there just isn’t a single good thing about this bozo.

Vujacic posted an abysmal 4.9 PTS per game, to go along with a 1.4 assists per game last season. It’s not even like this guy is one of those likeable shitty players that everyone loves to see go in the game in the final 15 seconds and hit a pointless 3. He’s the exact opposite… I want this guy locked in a broom closet as far away from a basketball court as possible. He shouldn’t be allowed to own anything that pertains to the sport. Vujacic, do New York and more importantly America and leave.


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