The worst [sports] day of the year.

The day is here. The day after the MLB All-Star game. A day with absolutely no professional sports in action. Also known as the day ESPN decided to make up a fucking award show and make it seem like the award matters.

There are few things to do today but don’t worry, Ya Boy PC is here with some tips to get through this day:

1. For once in the summer do something productive that your body will thank you for. Take some melatonin around 8 or 9. Get in bed turn on ESPN and you’ll be asleep soon enough. Completely sleep through this God-forsaken night. Trust me this is your best bet.

2. Watch the ESPYs and be a sheep to the mother-ship and all their useless content.espy-tweets-9

3. Mindlessly binge-watch Netflix, maybe invite a friend over…

4. Pay attention to your girlfriend for once this year… Only one time this year you can be together and not have to worry about what the Mets and Alejandro de Aza are doing (not missing much).


5. Catch up on some Nick@Nite reruns of Full House and Friends.

and last


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