Timmy D Calling it Quits


ESPN-After five NBA titles, two NBA MVP awards, 15 All-­Star appearances and a spot on many lists as the greatest power forward of all time, San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan is calling it a career. Duncan, who turned 40 in April, announced Monday that he is retiring from the NBA after 19 seasons, all with San Antonio.

So this is the end of the road for old Timmy D. One of the greatest basketball players of our generation. Unbelievable that the guy has basically been on the Spurs for as long as I’ve been alive. I was never a big fan of the Spurs growing up but you have to respect the job Tim Duncan has done throughout his career. The guy has managed to contribute and win games from his first season all the way to his last. Even in his last year where it sometimes looked like he could barely run, he averaged 8 and 7 and was still the heart of the San Antonio defense that had one of the better seasons of all time. The guy was quietly one of the best players year in and year out and has to go down as the best power forward of all time. Yeah he might’ve lost a step or maybe 7 in his last year as anybody with a pair of functioning eyeballs saw during the playoff series against the Thunder. But guess what. The man didn’t go down without a fight. Guy played the entire 4th quarter of his final game with the 40 year old Afro wearing Andre Miller by his side and almost helped force a game 7 scoring 19 points. He unfortunately came up short though and  I think I can remember the exact moment where he decided he was retiring too.image.jpeg

Or maybe it was just KD joining the Warriors.

But you know what the best part about Timmy D was. In a sports world where players have farewell seasons and make their retirement drag on for a full year so everyone can talk about how great they were and how much they changed the game (Kobe), Tim Duncan retired like you imagined Tim Duncan would. Probably sitting poolside in Texas on some random day in July probably sitting in one of his famous, ridiculous and oversized Timmy D button down shirts. I bet he banked in a pool basketball shot from the elbow after he made the call too.




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