Founding Father of Cooperstown Dreams Park Lou Presutti Dies at Age 75

The Dailystar- Louis A. Presutti, 75, a founder of Cooperstown Dreams Park, was remembered Friday for a legacy of providing opportunities for boys and girls to play baseball and for establishing a business that has contributed to the local economy.

A true travesty to the baseball community far and wide across our great country. Summer after summer, week after week teams from as far as Hawaii & Washington and as near as New York and New Jersey come to compete on the greatest stage in little league baseball. I unfortunately never had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Presutti, but something tells me this guy lived & breathed the game of baseball, and thoroughly enjoyed giving kids the chance to play in what I like to call “Baseball Heaven.” 

I mean come on look at this guy.. He looks like your prototypical grandpa who just wants to break out the ol’ mit and toss around a ball in the backyard on a Sunday evening. He highlighted mine, and millions of others childhood’s since 1996 when Cooperstown Dreams Park opened its gates. Hands down the best part of the week was trading pins with other teams. For that entire week, pins were the hottest commodity on the barrack blocks and they went like hot cakes. 

(Plainedge Red Devils ’08 Top Right Pin)

Kids would literally drool over a pin that either blinked, shined, made noise, or was “limited edition.” For that one week pins were your life & you just happened to play baseball in between. They had absolutely zero value yet every kid across the complex was itching to get their hands on a pin they haven’t traded for. If you were one of the lucky son of a bitches that got their hands on one of the three Commander Pete pins, you were an instant legend.

This bafoon is Commader Pete. He would hand out 3 of his exclusive pins to 3 different kids and let everyone go haywire over them. If you weren’t on the diamond you were trying to get your hands on one of these bad boys:

Lou Presotti made dreams come true, and put smiles on young ball players and their families every God forsaken summer. Whether it was living in the barracks with your team for a week or getting to walk out onto a fresh diamond every morning, afternoon, and night, you made every moment last and every memory will forever hold a special place in every ball players heart. Thanks for the memories, Lou.


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