Why Steph Curry is a Scoundrel

Yahoo SportsOver Fourth of July weekend, Curry, the reigning NBA MVP, hosted a basketball camp on the island that cost $2,000 for day campers and $2,250 for those wanting to stay overnight.
Wow. Just wow. We all think this guy is a good egg don’t we? We all fell for the baby-faced, upcoming athlete with a beautiful family and a good heart. WRONG! What’s even worse is he’s charging an additional $250 bones just to lay your head on a pillow for a night. I mean for Christ sake Curry probably finds that in his couch cushions. He probably let’s Riley use her God damn crayons on them. For crying out loud he probably let’s Ayesha wipe her ass with $250. I know the guy hasn’t hit big on a Mac contract yet but give me a break, you have a bagillion dollar deal with Under Armour, you’re the former MVP of the NBA, you’re on the cover of 2K, yet you still have the nerve to charge these little snot rags upwards of $2,000 dollars?! What kind of millionaire athlete charges a bunch of prepubic children $2,000 dollars just to do this:


Curry humiliated this poor bastard, and I’m sure many others that were lucky enough not to get caught on tape. We get it Steph, you’re good at shooting basketballs and dribbling them around people… Cool. Don’t mortify a 12 year old though. The sad part is that kid is probably going around town telling people “Yo I got a fool made of myself by Steph Curry!” Not cool little man… You’re the laughing stock of social media.


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