Mike and Dave: A+

Update: Just re-watched in a living room, it was 1000% the theater effect.


I am fully aware that this is the Post-seeing-a-comedy-in-a-theater-full-of-laughing-people-influencing-your-perspective-on-the-movie high but I don’t care. Laughed my ass off from start to finish. Adam Devine, hated this fucking guy when I first saw him in Modern Family/Pitch Perfect but he’s completely won me over. By the end of the movie I couldn’t look at him without giggling like a school girl. Expected to do that only when Zac Efron had his shirt off. For Zac, he was just okay. Wasn’t unfunny but he certainly suffered sharing 90% of his screen time with such an infectious son of a bitch.

Aubrey Plaza did a number on my heart. Girl oozes charisma. Might actually have to start watching Parks and Rec.

Anna Kendrick is so oddly hot and I don’t know what it is. There are times she can be so unattractive, with that big wig but then there are times where she’s straight up adorable. Pretty sure everyone knows the girl I’m talking about. Without naming names we all certainly know there are some girls who you so strangely want to bang and don’t know why. Like when you take a step back and give them an impartial look over, you realize they’re kinda not hot at all but they have some sort of weird sex appeal to them.
So thats my best summarization of who Anna Kendrick is as a person.

But back to this all around good time. What a film. Gotta hand it to my boy Chernin. Makes me want to go see every movie his company has spit out. Not going to spoil anything but no penetration orgasming absolutely stole the show, along with many other great moments. Really hard to judge right now this movies scale 1-10. Not sure how I’d react watching alone or with a small group, but I’m gonna have to give it a hard 8.75, +/- .5. Seeing it in a theater? 11.


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