Joakim Noah is about to take NYC by Storm


imageSo yesterday on July 8th the Knicks officially announced the free agent signings of Center Joakim Noah and guards Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings and I’m not gonna lie I’m officially interested. I don’t think I’ve really cared about a Knick’s team since Baron Davis tore every single inch of his knee in 2012 and they got swept by the Heat in the first round. But I’d be lying if I said this offseason didn’t have me excited about the Knickerbockers again. I think for me just getting Joakim Noah was enough to get the juices flowing again about Knicks basketball. Forget Melo, forget D-Rose and even forget Porzingis. Just give me a little Joakim Noah.

There’s nothing like good old fashioned grind it out basketball from a lunatic like Noah. It’s the kind of basketball I live for. Disgusting jump shots, flying elbows and a whole lot of boxing out. Now that’s what I call my brand of basketball. This is the kind of player Knicks fans have been looking for. The Knicks need a whole lot of heart and fire if they’re ever gonna be relevant again and Joakim Noah brings that. Plus anybody that tries to embarrass baby Bron Bron by calling him a bitch on the court is worth any price in my book. Mix in all these rock solid intangibles with the fact that the guy can’t stop talking about how it’s been his dream to play for the Knicks and you’ve got the ultimate fan favorite. The guy was practically born to win over the hearts of psychos from New York. Just don’t be surprised when he averages 7 points, 4 assists and 8 rebounds per game and becomes the face of New York Knicks basketball in 2017.


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