Golf In The Olympics, Bad Call.

ESPN DALLAS — U.S. Open champion Dustin Johnson withdrew from the Rio Games on Friday because of concerns over the Zika virus, costing golf three of the world’s top four players for its return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence.

Jordan Spieth is the only player from the top four who has not said whether he is going to Brazil. A decision could come as early as this weekend ahead of The Open Championship. Rickie Fowler also is undecided.

There was a reason why golf wasn’t an Olympic sport and this is just proving that point. I was personally excited to see golf as an Olympic sport because the U.S. was going to clean house with Spieth, Dustin Johnson, and Bubba. But now its just not even going to be fun to watch, if I could see Dustin Johnson drive a ball 370 yards and then read an article of him blowing a couple grand on coke, I’d love it. Even if I saw Jordan Spieth going bald but winning a gold I could get a quick laugh but with both of them most likely not playing what is interesting about it. I wish I could’ve seen Jason Day or Rory McIlroy, hell even Adam Scott play but all of these guys have officially withdrew from the Olympics. Nine players from the top 30 of the golf world rankings have called it quits on the Olympics. Might as well have the little sisters of the poor go try and play 72 holes, I’d rather stub my toe consistency for the duration of the tournament.

There was a reason the last time golf was an Olympic sport was 1904. You read that correct 1904, why the fuck are we bringing it back now, please give me a reason. This is just an idiotic move, golf has grown in popularity but when the games are in a shithole like Rio with bugs causing guys to not be fertile why would they go. Golfers somehow pull hot chicks which I will never know how, but now you’re going to already put these out of shape, weird-ass looking dudes and make their boys not being able to swim, God fucking bless. Listen I hold a hatred for golfers because I have a piss poor golf game, but ill still always be down to play nine or eighteen holes with the boys even though my handicap is 30. Also if they could just start playing best ball in golf that would be great, I dread waking up hungover on Sundays cause my parents are watching golf like its the fucking UFC, cheering their heads off. I’m fine dealing with that, but don’t ruin the Olympics for me like that.

Listen I don’t ask for much but we just need golf to stay out of the Olympics, I’d rather watch two fucking pansies fence one another or watch some fat dyke throw a shot-put 75 yards. Zika is just a sign that golf shouldn’t be an Olympic sport, the big guy upstairs has had enough of fucking golf.


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