Why Noah Syndergaard deserves to be the N.L Starting Pitcher

This Tuesday, July 12th at 8:00PM, Major League Baseball will host the 87th annual Midsummer Classic, otherwise known as the All-Star Game. Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres is the venue for this always exciting event. National League and more importantly Mets manager Terry Collins has one job & one job only: Start Thor.

I understand the bone spur debacle that caused some awesome beef between Syndergaard & Mets Beat Reporter Adam Rubin:

But come on Terry, the guy is electric. The  world deserves to see Thor and his Lion mane take the bump Tuesday night and blow away the American League with his 100 MPH heat. I even hope he gets to face that little prick Alcides Escobar one more time so he can throw a four-seamer right through his mug. The ball is in Terry’s court, and God so help me and all other Mets fans if we find out Terry hands the ball to division rival Stephen Strasburg, or the guy who beat him in last years World Series Johnny Cueto. Don’t get me wrong, both gentlemen are well-deserving candidates:

but Terry has one choice and one choice only: Thor.


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