Harvey’s Shoulder is Hurt…UH YA THINK


(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

mlb.com- NEW YORK — Once the envy of baseball, the Mets’ starting-pitching depth is thinning by the day. Matt Harvey is suffering from symptoms consistent with thoracic outlet syndrome, according to general manager Sandy Alderson, and is deciding whether to undergo season-ending surgery. Harvey is also weighing a non-surgical injection treatment option. 

BREAKING NEWS! Matt Harvey’s shoulder isn’t right! Oh you mean the guy who threw the most innings in a season ever after Tommy John surgery is having shoulder discomfort? That’s the upset of the century right there. I’m like 90% sure the Mets just made up a disease to give to him too so they look a little less guilty after last year because there’s no way thoracic outlet syndrome is a real thing. But in all seriousness I don’t blame the Mets for over using him last year while they were making a run at a championship. I also wouldn’t blame Harvey for calling it a season today so he could try to finally get healthy. I mean we all know Matt Harvey needs a fat paycheck when he becomes a free agent eventually and he’s not gonna risk his shoulder for another year to end up not getting paid.

So with Harvey likely done for the year the next concern becomes what happens with the Mets and their rotation. Are the Mets in trouble without him? The answer to that is no. Well not yet at least. I’m pretty confident that Logan Verrett could match Harvey’s stellar 4-10 record and 4.86 ERA at least until Zach Wheeler finally comes back from his own Tommy John. The last thing I wanna see from the team is some stupid panic move now. I don’t wanna see any stupid trades at the deadline for some shitty back of the rotation guy and I definitely don’t wanna see them try to call up anybody like that bum Montero who stupid Met fans have been talking about like he’s some sort of top prospect for like the last 6 years. My main concern is what we’re gonna do when Syndergaard or Matz inevitably go down with an injury next. Once one of those bone spurs turn into some kind of horrific elbow injury, boy are the Amazins in trouble.



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