Pizza Shop Owner Whacked

The Daily News– The co-owner of a popular Brooklyn pizzeria gunned down in his backyard was remembered Tuesday for treating every customer like a king.
Barbati had just arrived home carrying over $10,000 in cash from his pizzeria when the shooter ambushed him — but failed to take the cash, police sources say.
The New York Times– Mr. Barbati was wearing jewelry at the time, but that was also left behind, officials have said.
Mr. Barbati was shot as he returned for dinner with his family, carrying a loaf of Italian bread and more than $10,000 — which was not taken.


First off, WHAT could you do to a man that leaves him so angry that he is able to murder you in plain sight and leave $10,000 CASH just sitting there on the sidewalk. Mr. Barbati had to have done some serious shit to this guy and he doesn’t sound like the kind of guy you want to mess with. Think of the kind of man who is capable of murder, then think about the kind of man capable of just leaving that sum of money on the floor, untouched. Not to mention a presumably fresh loaf of Italian bread.

All kidding aside, this is a clear mob hit. Does it get more prototypical Italian mobster than jewelry, pizza, $10,000 cash and a loaf of Italian bread? I can say I’ve worked at pizza shops before landing this lucrative, luxury job and these owners are out of their minds with the secret shit going on behind the scenes. Relationship with every single member of the residing county, offering more free food than financially recommended, drugs, sex, crime, all comes with the trade of owning a pizza shop. I can only imagine the size of the horse’s head Mr. Barbati left in this guy’s bed that set him off.

So there you have it. Pizza shop owner = Mob



2 thoughts on “Pizza Shop Owner Whacked

  1. ShotgunSportsCommenter

    No true blooded Italian mobster leaves a fresh load of bread behind, no need to look for this guy…the mob has already handled this narc

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  2. insane way to go out

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